How to Choose Burlesque Shoes

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British burlesque legend, Jo King aka Goodtime Mama Jojo shares her wisdom on how to pick the perfect burlesque shoes for you.

How to Choose Burlesque Shoes

Jo King has spent over 30 years in the burlesque dancing biz. Including being our very own burlesque guru. We even have a feel-good monologue dedicated to her influence on the genre. In the spring 2013 run of the Burlexe show it was performed by the woman herself. Not to mention Jo King’s burlesque dancing on our stage.

She’s also the first Brit to be inducted into the Burlesque Hall of Fame. To mark her 30 years she performed at the “Legends” night for the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s 52nd Annual Reunion Showcase in Las Vegas. Needless to say we love some Goodtime Mama Jojo wisdom.

In this video Jo King shares her top tips for picking your burlesque shoes. Whether you’re going to a burlesque show or performing in one, comfort is key. Walking, strutting and dancing can’t be achieved without this golden rule.

She goes onto discuss the colours and designs that work best. If you don’t want to buy some new shoes, there are lots of ways to upcycle your old ones. Try these five ways to burlesque high heels.

We also have a lot more Jo King to offer. Enjoy her Stories from the Dressing RoomMakeup tips and answer to: What is Burlesque?

Now you’ve got the tools also learn how to strut you stuff in your burlesque shoes:

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