Our Favourite Pin-up and Burlesque Christmas Pictures [NSFW]

Burlesque Christmas

To celebrate this holiday season we are counting down our favourite pin-up and burlesque Christmas pictures. Merry holidays indeed!

Our Favourite Pin-up and Burlesque Christmas Pictures

Long-time Burlexe followers might remember our advent calendar from the original website. Well we’re bringing it back, bigger, bolder and bawdier than ever.

Christmas is a time to warm up those winter months with your friends and family. You can get dressed up, snuggle up and get sozzled under the guise of social obligation.

This December we’ll be counting down the days to Christmas with our favourite pin-up and burlesque images. We’ll be sharing our top twenty, with another five treats for those days in between.

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1. Bettie Page

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from Eleven-Nineteen)

Pin-up queen, Bettie Page, takes the top spot with one of the most recognisable pictures in the industry. Who could forget that cheeky cheesecake expression? Or those baubles? Ahem.

Bettie Page remains an icon the world over for her style, beauty and, of course, her career. She’s influential to this day and even taught us a thing or two about tree decorating.

In 2005 a biographical film was made called, The Notorious Bettie Page, and this photoshoot was in it. The star Gretchen Mol recaptures this amazing moment in Bettie Page’s life. And we hope you don’t mind this two-for-one special. It is Christmas after all.

Burlesque Christmas Burlesque Christmas

(Burlesque gifs from K969)

2. Dita Von Teese

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from Bella Bella Boudoir)

LA burlesque dancer, Dita Von Teese has a bevvy of pin-up and burlesque Christmas pictures. There’s one for every taste, ranging from kinky to coy.

In 2013 we have celeb stalked Dita Von Teese, almost to the point of self-delusion, and 2014 won’t be any different. Watch this space.

3. Marilyn Monroe

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from Dazzling Divas)

Usually this iconic woman would top any list we have but Marilyn Monroe Christmas pics are sadly tricky to come by. Oh, it’s a hard life.

We’re loving Marilyn Monroe’s pin-up pose though, she can’t be very warm. We recommend an open fire or at least a couple of space-heaters if you’re stripping off this season.

4. Perle Noire

Burlesque Christmas

This hilarious Christmas burlesque photo is of wonderful burlesque dancer, Perle Noire. She likes to call herself, “The people’s choice” because she’s yet to win the “Queen” title at BHOF but she has won the award for ‘Most Dazzling’. And you can see why.

The lovely Perle Noire is one of the star-studded cast in Burlesque: Strip Strip Horray! revue. This year has also seen her working with Jo Weldon from the School of Burlesque in NYC along with another project in Australia. We can’t wait to see her back in the UK.

5. LouLou D’vil

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from LouLou D’vil)

Finnish burlesque dancer, LouLou D’vil was crowned Miss Exotic World 2013. At this year’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend she also won the award for ‘Most Dazzling’. All hail LouLou D’vil!

6. Kalani Kokonuts

Burlesque Christmas

Las Vegas burlesque dancer, Kalani Kokonuts is best-known as Miss Exotic World 2009. She’s also no stranger to a little dress-up, whether it’s as Jessica Rabbit or a geisha.

This beautiful festive image of Kalani Kokonuts was taken by her partner, Jeffrey Alexander. Showing off her stunning curvaceous figure and naughty side with some Christmas cheer. Gorgeous!

7. Eliza DeLite

Burlesque Christmas

(Image by Neil Kendall)

Of course we couldn’t overlook the real meaning of Christmas. A woman giving birth after an immaculate conception and we’re all about celebrating iconic women.

This amazing Eliza DeLite burlesque costume is from her award-winning Like a Prayer burlesque act. It’s inspired by religious iconography and photographic image La Madone au coeur blessé.

This artwork is by French duo Pierre et Gilles who are Eliza DeLite’s favourite artists. And we can see why. Watch Eliza DeLite’s daring burlesque routine:

8. The Burlesque Nutcracker

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from WQXR)

Since 2006 Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker has been the highlight of the holiday season. Stars include Lily Verlaine, Jasper McCann, Miss Indigo Blue, Waxie Moon, Babette La Fave and Corps du Burlesque.

9. Bernie Dexter

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from Java’s Bachelor Pad)

Pin-up model Bernie Dexter is known for her glamorous vintage style. Our advent calender has seen many a naughty Mrs Claus and Bernie Dexter has added this cheeky elf to the mix. We love her mischievous magic.

10. Bettsie Bon Bon

Burlesque Christmas

(Image by Steve Hart)

This year we’ve shared a lot of wise words from British showgirl, Bettsie Bon Bon. She’s known for her dazzling solo burlesque performances and burlesque troupe. But more of them later.

This London Academy of Burlesque teacher is also responsible for one of our most popular history lessons. If you haven’t read it already, can-can your way over to Guide to Showgirl Burlesque.

Burlesque Christmas

11. Miss Polly Rae

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from This Is Cabaret)

The delightful Miss Polly Rae, is sweetening up our advent calendar as one of the top British burlesque dancers around. The 15th December will see her perform at Beyond The “Christmas” Cabaret.

Miss Polly Rae will be joined by The Folly Mixtures and Frisky and Mannish. Alongside fellow stars of the circuit like the wonderful cabaret hostess Lili La Scala.

Unfortunately, you’ve missed the chance to enter This Is Cabaret‘s competition but the night promises to be unforgettable. Now in its third year, the show will even see Des O’Connor host.

Oh yes! Beg, borrow and bap-flash for these tickets. You won’t regret it and if you do, it will definitely be for all the right reasons.

12. Bettina May

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from Bettina May)

In April 2013 Bettina May was the first burlesque dancer to be granted an ‘extraordinary ability’ green card to the U.S. for burlesque dancing. To be awarded this new green card she proved that she’s at the top of her field. Bravo!

Bettina May is also known as a pin-up model and teacher. She even has an array of DVDs offering brilliant how-tos. This includes helpful guides on burlesque hair and pin-up poses. Get a sneaky look at Bombshell Basics:

13. Burgundy Brixx

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from Pin-up Perfection Photography)

Burlesque dancer, Burgundy Brixx, graces the cover of Pin Curl magazine this month. The winter edition is all fur, snow and smoulder.

She moved to Vancouver from New York and has been setting the burlesque scene alight ever since. Her cover article sees an interview that promises to delve into her burlesque dancing career including her Kitty Nights Burlesque.

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from Pin Curl Magazine)

14. Dirty Martini

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from Zimbio)

New York burlesque dancer, Dirty Martini, is seen at a toy drive for kids in 2009 (above). And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do a onesie in winter.

We would say don’t leave your house in anything less… Ahem… But we’re not really ones to judge. Wink.

Miss Dirty Martini is known as one of the top burlesque performers in the world. You cannot help but admire her and love her Christmas spirit!

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from The New York Times)

15. Mosh

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from The Mosh Blog)

Stunning fetish and pin-up model, Mosh, is also known as a sultry stripteaser. This lovely lady creates her own burlesque costumes and is her own stylist.

Yet, in this pin-up Christmas pic, she shows off some amazing Fabulously Fetish heels. These stocking stuffers are the perfect gift for the playful vamp in your life.

16. Anna Fur Laxis

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from Anna Fur Laxis)

Beautiful burlesque dancer, Anna Fur Laxis is also a professional pin-up model. She posed for this wonderful Christmas themed campaign for Vivien of Holloway.

She looks darling and who could resist Anna Fur Laxis under the mistletoe. To learn all about cheesecake burlesque check out Anna’s introduction, followed by her guide part one and part two.

17. Michelle L’amour

Michelle L'amour Burlesque

(Image from Michelle L’amour)

Michelle L’amour is pictured here with Greta Layne (left) and Mimi First (right) to promote Naked Girls Reading. Michelle L’amour runs the Chicago chapter of this show.

Aaaand this year, 7th December, they are doing it all again, Naked Girls Reading: A Christmas Carol. That’s a whole lotta Christmas burlesque.

See Michelle L’amour reading an excerpt from Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters at Naked Girls Reading Chicago:

18. The Folly Mixtures

Burlesque Christmas

(Images by Steve Hart)

London burlesque troupe, The Folly Mixtures were formed by our very own Bettsie Bon Bon and Liberty Sweet. The pair are former Hurly Burly girlies and have both performed solo in our London burlesque show.

You can see them here alongside fellow Folly Mixtures: Felixy Splits and neo-burlesque dancer, Ooh La Lou. They are also joined by fire-performer Angie Sylvia and balloon dancer Ella Boo in their live burlesque shows.

Head to their website for all the deets on the latest shows.

19. Hurly Burly Girlies

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from Time Out)

Top London burlesque show, The Hurly Burly Show offered the first burlesque dancing troupe to make our Christmas burlesque list. This line-up includes: former Hurly Burly girly and Burlexe buddy, Liberty Sweet; creator Miss Polly Rae and the innovative Laurie Hagen.

These ladies have gone onto become stars of the British burlesque scene. Laurie Hagen even competed at this year’s Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend. Not to mention, they’re former students of our very own burlesque guru, Goodtime Mama Jojo. A lovely sexy Santa line-up, if ever we saw one. Wink.

20. Chloe Ewart

Burlesque Christmas

(Image from David Bowman)

Of course we kicked off the list with our very own burlesque actress, Chloe Ewart. Seen here performing in our theatrical London burlesque show at The Shadow Lounge on a brisk winters evening.

Let us know your favourite Christmas pinup and burlesque photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Until then, you can get a sneaky clip of Chloe Ewart and our other fabulous performers in the Burlexe trailer:

(Main image from Eleven-Nineteen)

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